How it all started...

Having a sharp eye for detail in design, interior and lifestyle, along with a passion for Scandinavia, I knew I wanted to combine these elements to create.. something. I simply didn’t know the ‘what’ or ‘how’ yet. It turned out I needed a little determination and courage, and when I found both; things started unfolding quickly.

I didn’t need to think twice about the name. Gåpåmod, the Danish word for spirited initiative, was born.

With a little ‘gåpåmod’, and aside from my job as an interior architect, I’m now running this online platform on which I can share my appreciation for Scandinavian design. You will find a collection of Scandinavian sourced or inspired pieces, from jewelry to vintage home accessories, are hand-picked especially for Gåpåmod.

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I have always had a certain kind of love and fascination for Scandinavia. I have been following the Scandinavian trends for years and have even lived in the beautiful city of Copenhagen for 6 months in 2019. Scandinavians are masters in the fields of design and interior. Using soft colour palettes and beautiful materials, they embrace the beauty in imperfections and are a few steps ahead of my home country when it comes to trends. These factors fuel the inspiration for my collections, allowing me to bring a piece of the Scandi lifestyle to the Netherlands and beyond.

I believe everyone deserves a bit of Gapamod. It’s treating yourself to something you love or doing something you really want to do. Nothing is standing in your way; all you need is a little bit of Gapamod.

With love,
Willeke  –  Founder & Creative Director



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